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Technical Drawings

The core of everything we do technical drawings form the basis of all our designs and can document fine detail such as services requirements and construction intent. Below are some of the key drawing types we produce:

The GA

The general arrangement drawing or "GA" shows a plan view of the various spaces and layouts involved in the project and itemises all equipment and furniture. Our plans are designed to be viewed and assessed by anyone, not just people who are familiar with reading technical drawings.


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Services Drawings

Our services drawings provide all the information needed in order to install the necessary electrical, data, water, waste & gas services required for the project. These are either used by us as part of our build process or by our client if they are carrying out other building and enabling works prior to our installation of equipment and furniture.


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Fabrication Drawings

Whether produced by us or our suppliers fabrication drawings show the fine technical detail of shopfitting, custom equipment such as sinks & benches or large systems such as ventilation ductwork and canopies. These drawings can be coordinated with other parties working on the project in order to ensure that everything will be built as expected.


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