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Moore Blatch

"More expertise. More depth. More clarity."

Project: Moore Blatch

Location: Hamshire

Project Size: 200sq/m

Time on site: 2 weeks

Western Blueprint were employed to design & build the new staff restaurant and associated facilities for Moore Blatchs’ new offices in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

Working alongside long-term partner Troika Developments Limited, Blueprint were tasked with creating an up to date catering facility to fit a very small footprint and to encompass all aspects from delivery to stores, prep to cook and on to service & wash-up. Not only was the footprint small, but the clients’ programme was incredibly ambitious too, but after careful planning we created a catering facility that is not only functional and flexible, but exceeds both the needs AND the high expectations of our client.

We have created a facility that has the ability to produce high volumes of food in a small space, offer maximum flexibility through innovative thought processes and enables the dining space to be utilised many different ways, thus capitalising on meterage.

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